Make every seat ideal.

IdealSeat is a simple, secure, and customizable ticketing solution that allows event organizers to easily create an event, retain their unique branding, and view sales reports.

Covid-19 has changed the way we attend and plan events. For those needing a simple solution to help create an online or socially distanced event, IdealSeat can help. We empower event organizers by providing them a cost-effective, personalized ticketing solution—making for an easy setup and seamless customer experience.

Branded Personal Ticketing Platform

Shopping Cart Functionality for Upgrades and Merchandise

Consumer Privacy Protection

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in fees for FREE events!


3% of ticket sales + $1.00 per ticket

Shopping Cart

Easily add shopping cart functionality to any of your events! Allows you to offer your customers extras to enhance their event experience.

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For Infrequent Events

Included at the standard level, you can customize your personal IdealSeat page with your branding colors and logo, create and publish your events, promote the event on social media platforms, and export sales reports.


For More Frequent Events

At the pro level, you get a customized IdealSeat page with your branding and logo, the ability to create custom events, link your events via social media, and export sales reports. Easily copy similar events for faster set up. Plus, you can add ticket restrictions, like ticket purchase limits.


For Frequent or Large Events

Our Premium service is best for organizers who hold frequent or large events. With Premium, you get all the functionality of the platform, including the shopping cart feature, which allows you to sell products to complement your event.

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