Make every seat ideal.

IdealSeat is a simple, flexible, and secure customizable ticketing solution so that any builder can simply bring their ticket revenue and attendee information/insights together for better programming, better marketing, and better results.

We empower every event builder by providing them a cost-effective, customizable ticketing solution and access to purchaser insights—making for a seamless customer experience, more productive marketing, and better experiences.

Branded Personal Ticketing Platform

Shopping Cart Functionality for Upgrades and Merchandise

Consumer Privacy Protection

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in fees for FREE events!

1-3 paid events per year

3% of ticket sales + $1.00 per ticket

Shopping Cart

Easily add shopping cart functionality to any of your events! We will take 2% of sales through the shopping cart (on our platform). The Shopping cart integration is $99 one-time set-up except for the “Premium & Large events” tier which includes the shopping cart feature for FREE!

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For Infrequent Events (1-3 annually)

Show your event. Only your event. With different price levels. Consumers come to your event page, and aren’t distracted by competing events. It includes different ticket tiers and pricing, customize your own forms, and you can link to it from a separate site for the event organizer.


For More Frequent Events (4-8 annually)

Manage your branded ticket marketplace simply and securely. Only your event will be shown to your consumers, along with different ticket tiers and pricing. You can still customize your forms, and link to it from a separate site for the event organizer. The bonus with the “Better” option is you can replicate events with ease in seconds to save time, and organizers can add carts for merchandise and upgrades.


For Frequent Large Events Or One Large Annual Event With Many Attendees

The “Best” option is for organizers that have very frequent events, or one or two several large events annually. You get all of the benefits of the other options, but with seamless shopping cart functionality and analytics as an add on, enabling you to know what your consumers like.

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