Welcome to IdealSeat

Hugs from loved ones. Warm smiles from strangers. Coffeehouse background chatter.

Today, those things can feel like artifacts from ancient history but as people, we have always found ways to create a sense of community — to find our tribe. When we created IdealSeat, we did so thinking about what it means to create vibrant communities. We realized that more and more of our conversations and engagements were centered around content and events so we decided to embrace that shift. IdealSeat is built for live event organizers and experience creators to connect with their audience, deliver curated content, and create moments and memories.


The genesis. For every great night out — especially the ones that we have Instagram to remind us of — there was a moment that was created. When it comes to the burden of actually creating that event, we intend for it to be effortless. Whether you are the chairperson for a non-profit or a restauranteur hosting a live band each week, we built IdealSeat to be simple and intuitive.


With all the noise that exists, the truly outstanding experience creators lean into the preferences of their audience to deliver a high-quality event. These curators rely on consistency of brand and messaging to deliver the value that their customers demand. Unlike other platforms, your brand remains front and center for your target audience with our customizable ticketing platform.


When it comes to building an audience, engagement is everything. In a world where attention spans are short and switching costs are low, the last thing that an event organizer needs is a distraction between them and their intended audience. With IdealSeat, event organizers need not worry about the audience that they built being marketed to by competing organizations. As our customer, it is important to ensure that your data remains yours...that connection remains yours.

We created IdealSeat to help you create experiences, curate moments, and connect with your audience. We invite you to learn more! Let us help you find your tribe, build your community, and create events, simply.