Launch a Community in Four Easy Steps

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We have made it a priority to bring ease to those organizers who are creating community and bringing events live or online. How easy? In four easy steps.

Step 1: The Walkthrough

Odds are, you want to see how IdealSeat works before you sign up and get started. The team can walk you through the ticketing solution in demo in just 30 minutes to show you the lay of the land and the simplicity of getting your event started. There are two ways we can get your demo scheduled.

Email us with any upfront questions you may have, a quick overview of your event and details, and your contact info.

Fill out our questionnaire that captures a few points of info about you and your organization.

IdealSeat will get back to you within 24 hours to schedule the demo.

Step 2: Event Setup

You’ve seen the demo. We’ve shown you the ropes. Now it’s time to create. The IdealSeat team creates your custom event site with the ticketing information ready to be populated. As an admin to your event page, you have complete control on editing any detail about your brand or event.

Step 3: Ticketing Details

Now the fun part. Use our ticketing platform to set specific details of your ticket information. Free event? No fees. Charging for your event? No problem. We have a simple ticket fee following a few different structures.

- Paid events with no ticket restrictions: 3% plus $1.00 fee

- Paid events with ticket restrictions: 4% plus $1.00 fee

- Shopping cart with coupon codes: 6% flat rate

We’ve integrated our payment processing with Stripe to handle all the headache of payment collections so you don’t have to.

Step 4: Launch Event

You’re ready to bring your community together. One-click publish launches your event with tickets ready to go. Easily share your event with our built-in social share tools and lead them straight to your custom IdealSeat URL.

That’s it. We mean it when we say we’ve focused on simple and affordable ticketing solutions for your community.

Ready to build? So are we.