A New Year Brings New Events

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January is the month where people define resolutions, set goals, and set out to start something new.

What’s not new to us in 2021 is the quarantined life we’re riding out until COVID cases can find their way back down and a vaccine is readily available. For almost a year, the human population has been experiencing large doses of solitude, fewer family gatherings, and struggles to keep communities thriving. And 40% of people recently surveyed said that attending an in-person event for the first half of 2021 is highly unlikely.

This year, IdealSeat wants to make it easy for any business, small or large, to bring their community together in ways that leave individuals thriving and inspired. If you’re new to creating events or looking for a simplified platform to make ticket purchasing easy, we have you covered.

So, what are the ways you can create community while curating an inclusive event at the same time? Everyone is digitally fatigued being glued to their computers during work hours and on their phones at night to recap the day’s news and social chat. Here are some community building events that can abide the 6-ft rule and bring humanity back in the same space together.

Get Local

Whether you’re a small-town coffee shop or the local bookstore looking to bring your community back in a limited capacity, open your venue for your people. Think about local artists who can showcase their work on your walls or on a small stage with an instrument in hand.

Bookstores can highlight local authors with an in-person or streamed reading of their book to help digital download sales.

We can also bet there’s a handful of people who would live stream a barista’s lesson on how to make that perfect latte art with their new espresso machines they got for Christmas.

Get Outdoors

It’s winter, but in some parts of the country, cities still have 70º weather. Use this to your advantage.

Organize a guided bike tour around the historic landmarks of your city. Gather your runners in a staggered-start 5k with no medals, just air high-fives.

Get Started

However you bring creativity to your community-building space, IdealSeat is ready to get you up and running quickly and easily. Let’s get started.