A Look at How to Create Community

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When you look at IdealSeat's DNA, "community" is at our root. We help our customers build their community through meaningful engagement with their events.

Navigating the Changes

The effects of COVID-19 have deeply impacted many industries across the country; restaurants having to limit seating or having to shut their doors completely. Stores that have a limited amount of foot traffic, which turns into a loss of revenue. Events that have been canceled or postponed until it's safe to gather again. Through this, small businesses and independent operators have had to find ways to infuse creativity into their everyday operations. They are opting to create revenue streams and invite people to try new experiences – virtually.

Create Virtual Experiences

This year, an architecture society group stepped up their home tour experience to create something for the house-loving audience. In September, the society announced that tickets would be released for a virtual and live 3D tour. Historically, these tours were open to the public to explore the work of high-end architects and interior designers while kicking off their shoes and taking an intimate look through people's homes. Now, purchasing a ticket to the event gives you full access to tour the home in 3D, a live Q&A of the participating architects, and even explore different homes in different cities.

Create Immersive Experiences

In other industries, like the restaurant scene, chefs have taken their food from the tables of their dining room and into the homes of their customers. One highly acclaimed chef immediately saw the challenges of keeping the fine dining experience alive.

He took action and started a supper club as an avenue to keep the dining community thriving.

The local dinner club offers patrons a 5-course meal kit delivered to their home while he cooks in his kitchen and his customers cook alongside him – virtually.

IdealSeat Creates Community

The team at IdealSeat is committed to partnering with you to #findyourtribe.

We've built a ticketing platform that lets you create and cultivate the community you want. Choose from plans that fit your calendar of events and create as often or as little as you want. Your personal brand is our main focus. With our ticketing solution, we make keeping your brand at the forefront simple and easy.

Whether you're the owner of an architect society group, a chef, an event organizer or anyone that is out to create something meaningful within their community – IdealSeat is designed to get you up and running. Quickly and seamlessly. Find out how and start building your tribe.